Heated Vests

Rechargeable batteries inside. This lightweight vest mean you can stay warm, on-bike or off-bike, without the hassle of connecting to your 12v bike battery.

Heated Gloves

A range of leather and heated gloves designed to keep you warm, dry and protected in all weather conditions.

Heated Gloveliners

Used with your own gloves, Gloveliners will keep your hands toasty warm!! Choose from two different types: G2 and WT.
Great if you are into: Hiking, Hunting, Fishing. Also great for: Winter Sports, Spectator Sports, Senior Citizens, Bird Watchers, Photographers...etc.

Heated Socks

The beauty of Warmthru Heated Socks, beside the impressive heat, is the modular construction. The sock is separate from the element which makes washing easy - simply remove the element and either hand-wash or machine-wash the plain sock. You can buy a spare pair of socks at time of purchase and an extra heat-element to keep as a spare.


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